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2013 Boliy PRO3600SIER 3300 Watt (8th generation) Remote Electric Start Inverter Generator with wheels - Remote...

2013 Boliy PRO3600SIER 3300 Watt (8th generation) Remote Electric Start Inverter Generator with wheels - Remote...

This new 8th generation model comes with remote start of 200 feet range. It also has 2 wheels for easier to move around. It works really well and it comes with a remote transmitter similar to the one for car. The remote control can start the generator from cool and hot with its built-in temperature sensor to open the choke automatically during hot and cold start. It can also stop the engine anytime. This is the most advance remote control for any small generator. The unit works really well.

Boliy Pro3600SIER (model number not matching the wattage here) is a true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) inverter generators with electric start. Similar Honda, Yamaha, and Kipor use the transistor induced technology which is just simulated signal processing. With the advance German made microprocessor, the DSP resulted in a power conversion rate of 20% higher with compatible inverter generators from Honda, Yamaha, and Kipor. The voltage is adjusted to maintain at stable 120V by the computer inverter module. The light weight design makes them ideal for transportation.

Boliy Digital Inverter generator has output of 3,300 maximum and 3,000W continuous. This is in a new model in more attractive red color. This generator had received good reviews on RV community.

Boliy is the most advanced inverter generator with true digital signal processing with pure sinewave output.

Remote start and key electric start with built-in battery. It also comes with a recoil starter as backup. The choke is automatic with all 3 starting methods.
Will power up to 15000 BTU RV rooftop AC unit.
Included 30 A RV Receptacle (TT-30R) for easy RV connection.
Maximum output 3300W, Rated Output - 3000W at 120V (60Hz) with 12V, 8 Amp DC charging (cord included).
Perfect and stable sinewave output at 120V good for all electronics devices.
53 to 58 dB at 23 feet, 4.5 to 16 hours run time, only 80 lbs.
EPA and CARB certified 171cc OHC engine designed by Yamaha.
2 years warranty

  • This Boliy is with remote start, you can remote start it from inside the RV with a range of 200 feet
  • New 2013 model (8th generation) with remote electric start, automatic choke and large wheels for rolling around.
  • New improvements include wheels, key electric start, metal fuel tank and fuel cap and more reliable wire connectors.This one is with remote start too.
  • Quiet, Light Weight, Variable Engine speeds and up to 8 times quieter than conventional generators
  • Save 40% gas over conventional generator, you can pay for this generator with the gas saving for about 1,500 hours of operation.

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